An Unforgettable Journey from Gorakhpur to Nepal

My journey from Gorakhpur to Nepal was an adventure I’ll never forget. It was my first time visiting this border region, and I was excited about what lay ahead. To make my trip comfortable and stress-free, I decided to use a Local Taxi in Gorakhpur. This choice proved to be perfect for a smooth start to my journey.

Beginning the Journey

I started early in the morning to avoid traffic and enjoy the fresh morning air. The taxi driver was punctual and knowledgeable about the route. As we left Gorakhpur, I could see the city slowly waking up, with markets opening and people starting their day. The drive was peaceful, and the lush green fields along the way were a treat to the eyes.

Scenic Drive to Sunauli

The road from Gorakhpur to the Nepal border at Sunauli is about 100 kilometers. The drive took us through picturesque villages and vast agricultural lands. The simplicity and beauty of rural life were evident everywhere. Using the Gorakhpur to Nepal Taxi Service made the journey comfortable, allowing me to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Crossing the Border

After a couple of hours, we reached Sunauli, the border town between India and Nepal. The process of crossing the border was straightforward. I had my identification and necessary documents ready, which made the process quick and hassle-free. The taxi driver assisted me with information and guidance, ensuring I had no issues at the border.

Sonauli Border

Welcome to Nepal

Entering Nepal was a new experience. The change in atmosphere was palpable. The first town we visited was Bhairahawa, just a few kilometers from the border. I decided to explore the local market and try some Nepali street food. The flavors were unique, and the hospitality of the locals was heartwarming.


Visiting Lumbini

One of the highlights of my trip was visiting Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha. It is about 25 kilometers from the Sunauli border. I had arranged to rent a car in Gorakhpur, which was very useful for exploring Nepal at my own pace. The drive to Lumbini was smooth, and the sight of the beautiful temples and monasteries was mesmerizing.

Lumbini Gate
The Birthplace of Buddha

Lumbini is a serene and spiritual place. I spent several hours exploring the Maya Devi Temple, the sacred garden, and various monasteries built by different countries. The peaceful environment and the spiritual significance of the place made it a memorable experience.

Maya Devi Temple

The Return Journey

After a fulfilling day in Nepal, it was time to return to Gorakhpur. The taxi service I used for the return journey was just as efficient. The driver was courteous and ensured a safe and comfortable ride back to the city. The setting sun painted the sky in beautiful hues, making the drive back even more picturesque.

My journey from Gorakhpur to Nepal was filled with beautiful landscapes, cultural experiences, and spiritual moments. Using a local taxi in Gorakhpur and the Gorakhpur to Nepal Taxi Service made my trip seamless and enjoyable. Renting a car gave me the flexibility to explore at my own pace. I highly recommend this trip to anyone looking for a mix of adventure, culture, and tranquility. Whether you are a solo traveler or with family, this journey will leave you with unforgettable memories. Gorakhpur’s proximity to Nepal makes it a perfect gateway for an international adventure close to home.

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